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We bring best-in-class thinking, expertise and rigour to where it matters most…

Our services

  • All-Hands

  • Leadership offsite meetings

  • Launch Readiness Reviews

  • Global / Regional Planning Meetings

  • “Follow-the sun” co-creation meeting

  • Bespoke Team Building / Conditioning

  • Growth Mindset

  • Business Planning

  • Business Challenge Gamification

  • Business Simulation workshops

  • Leadership Effectiveness Coaching

  • One-to one programs

  • Online learning program

  • Soft Skills training

  • Espresso Shots

  • Presentation Skills

Internal Comms
  • Establishing and elevating team purpose

  • Team Positioning and Messaging Tasks

  • New ways-of-working programs

  • Employee communications

  • All-Hands

  • Leadership offsite meetings

  • Launch Readiness Reviews

  • Global / Regional Planning Meetings

  • “Follow-the sun” co-creation meeting

Our capabilities

  • Live. Virtual. Hybrid.

  • Meeting content design, development an delivery

  • Presentation development and support

  • Pre/Post Communications

  • On-site production management

  • AV / Platform Technical production

  • Workshop design and development

  • Pre/Post Communications

  • Workshop Hosting / Facilitatio

  • Production management


Too commonly, measurement is an afterthought in the events industry. 
At Embrace, we want to change this. 

We make measurement the second stage in our ways of working with you. We subscribe to the ‘if you can't measure it, you can't manage it’ approach. We also know this makes conversation at the senior leadership level more efficient, helping you agree on the need and ultimately demonstrating the effectiveness of our work with you.


Each of our projects starts by identifying the Critical Insights and objectives which will inform the ultimate meeting design.  We take these and work with you to determine how they can be measured.  


We call this stage Measure what matters.


Only 44% meeting organisers say they actively measure ROI for their events. 


Only 9% agree that ROI currently influences their meetings and events portfolio.


70% said that measuring ROI for meetings and events had become more relevant for their organization.

AMEX Meeting Survey 2021

Measuring what matters

We use Critical Insights and KNOW, FEEL, DO objectives to propose measurements of the things that matter for your team and business.

This might include:


Using data already part of your regular pulse surveys.


Bespoke survey: If there isn't a formal measurement in place, we will work with you to suggest efficient measurement tools.


Off the shelf: Where relevant we might propose existing, proven measurement tools “off the shelf” These have the bonus of robust statistical measurement and benchmarking within and beyond your sector.


KPIs and Bottom-line measures. Some projects lend themselves to fiscal outcomes. 

As a result of the measured matters stage, we have a clear understanding of what needs to shift in your team to deliver measurable results.


Measurement is perhaps one of the most fundamental concepts in science and a critical source of knowledge.

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. 

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