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We create a red thread, to connect your teams to your business-critical priorities.


Our approach

Our three-phase approach is insights-driven and experimental, enabling us to tailor and develop bold solutions to achieving rapid progress in real-time and sustain collaboration and communication moving forward.



We apply insights and data points combined with deep knowledge of audience needs.


Our clients receive a fit-for-purpose meeting agenda or program of activity.



We execute meeting formats to embrace bold ideas and creative solutions.


Participants have better quality interactions and higher levels of collaboration.



We define what impact is needed and what metrics can be used to measure progress.


Leaders see productive outcomes and measurable progress in their priority.

Image of team working together on a project plan over a table.

We bring a planning rigour not typically associated with meeting development.

Our services

Organisations have shifted into ‘a higher gear’, focusing on pace and the need to move forward faster. 


We help clients accelerate change by elevating their communications, deepening quality engagement and enhancing learning and development.

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Creative. Stimulating. Experimental.

We design creative workshops that stretch individuals and teams beyond their comfort zones - providing stimulating exercises that challenge thinking, redefine problems and create new solutions. We bring out bold and experimental ideas.


Insight. Measurement. Impact.

We help clients raise their team's performance by unlocking the value of business-critical meetings, from Leadership offsites, and launch readiness programs to global planning and all-hands events.

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Coaching icon

Mindset. Development. Growth.

We help people learn to do things differently through an inspired and tailored coaching journey. 

  • Leadership Effectiveness Coaching

  • One-to one programs

  • Online learning program

  • Soft Skills training

  • Espresso Shots - Concentrated skills

  • Presentation Skills


Inspire. Engage. Energise.

In today's interconnected world, effective human communication is more important than ever.


We help clients stand out amidst the noise by designing impactful creative content, and, implementing strategic internal communication plans that leverage the most suitable channels at the right moment to maximise engagement. We constantly analyse data and analytics to refine our strategy to achieve optimal results.

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Creating sustainable value.

Our aim

We believe out of the box, creative thinking, bold strategies and innovative tactics should be the fuel for every business-critical meeting, workshop or program.


Our aim is to spark long-lasting engagement, teamwork, and communication that extends throughout the year and not just for those ad-hoc “fireworks” events.

If you are looking to accelerate change with a high-impact meeting or communications... Give us a call.

Cambridge, UK

Toronto, CA

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