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Insights inform impact.


Evidence-based insights

Closing the gap between assuming and knowing.

We explore the evidence by analysing data and discussions from a variety of sources.

The key to competitive advantage is customer centricity, gaining a deep understanding of customers’ needs. For Pharma, patient insight sits firmly at the heart of everything they do.


At Embrace, we explore the evidence, the brief, the need, and the opportunity. Until we know exactly what success means and what value can be derived from the investment.


Using these critical insights and clear objectives we create the right solutions that maximise impact and move business priorities forward faster.

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what matters.

Measurable outcomes

If you can't measure it,
you can't improve it.

Too commonly, measurement is an afterthought in the events industry.

At Embrace, we want to change this.

If you don't measure, then how do you know how you are doing?


We make measurement a key part of our process, subscribing to the ‘if you can't measure it, you can't manage it’ approach, as famously said by Peter Druker. We also know this makes conversations at the senior leadership level more efficient, helping to demonstrate effectiveness of our work with you.


We identify the critical insights and objectives to inform the ultimate meeting design and work with you to determine how they can be measured. And, we call this stage Measure what matters.


Only 44% of meeting organisers say they actively measure ROI for their events.


Only 9% agree that ROI currently influences their meetings and events portfolio.


70% said that measuring ROI for meetings and events had become more relevant for their organisation.
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Inspire curiosity!

Bold creative

See where bold
can take you.

There is no science without experiment.

By being experimental, we unlock curiosity and inspire individuals with the confidence to try new things, innovate and push boundaries to do things never done before.


At Embrace, we take a bold approach to our creative strategy to drive engagement, elevate communication and increase quality interaction. We develop considered and unexpected experiences to foster creativity, experimentation and innovation. And, design experiences that disrupt, stimulate, inspire and delight, delivering often surprising results.

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Our mission at Embrace is to give meeting owners AND attendees the confidence to “invest” by enabling them to understand how, why and where their meeting will have an impact.


Andrew Basham, Embrace Director

If you are looking to accelerate change with a high-impact meeting or communications... Give us a call.

Cambridge, UK

Toronto, CA

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