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Helping teams move business-critical priorities forward faster.

We deliver measurable value for high-impact meetings and communications.


Who we are

We're embrace, a results-driven communications agency.

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Rapid. Optimised. Measured.

In our ever-changing world, speed equals success.


Collaborative work is at its highest point ever, yet teams are still struggling to move their strategic initiatives forward as quickly as they would like.

We help teams embrace business-critical objectives, leveraging agility and adaptability to set the pace for better and faster results.

We bring global communities closer together, optimising cross-functional collaborations and creating quality interactions that leverage knowledge and best practice to maximise business opportunities.

We add measurable value by connecting, igniting, and energising people, to accelerate change and create higher performance and impact.

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What we do

Accelerating action.

Our work combines three critical components:

Evidence-based insights

Insights hold the power to unlock solutions and possibilities.

Measurable outcomes

If you can't measure it,

you can't improve it.

That's why we care about measurement.


Why it's a good thing to be bold, brave and experimental. ​

Positive change is achieved through great collaboration.

We specialise in supporting clients operating within the life science / pharmaceutical sector where speed of innovation for accelerating patient impact is paramount.


Everyday, we challenge ourselves and our clients to do things differently and pride ourselves on providing unparalleled support and transparent partnerships to realise our clients most ambitious goals.  

Our design solutions are focused on producing productive outcomes and demonstrable progress, ensuring that meetings and events fulfil their goal and purpose. 


We support our clients throughout the process, end-to-end, from strategic direction, creative design and development, to delivery to ensure long-term impact. Bringing best-in-class thinking, expertise, and rigour to where it matters most.

Our meeting experience spans the organisational value chain wherever priorities need to move forward faster.

Our experienced team of communications and meetings experts has over 60 years of combined experience, supporting some of the largest market-leading organisations to deliver a broad range of business critical meetings.


Town Hall Meetings



Product Launches

Leadership meetings

Team Building



Global / Regional Medical Summits

Ad Boards

Real-World Evidence Summits


Congress Support


Scientific Meetings



Group / Affiliate Summits


Brand Planning Workshops & Meetings


Global Implementation Meetings

Sales Leader Summits

Regional Planning Cycles


Congress Support


Booth training


Market Access

Sustainable Pricing Workshops

Market Access Summits

Launch Readiness Reviews / Programs

Market Access

Examples of our work

Market Access

Brand / Business Planning

We enhanced the planning process to reconfigure the annual business planning cycle, introducing a new organising framework to elevate the brand plans.


Best in class plans which embraced new practices and activities

Image of transparent D.N.A strand.

Who we work with

Creating meaningful impact

We're proud to be working with some of the largest pharmaceutical organisations who are creating a meaningful difference for patients around the world. Working with clients in the life science sector for over 15-years means we understand the importance of speed to make a greater impact.

We've made it our purpose to help our clients drive better value through accelerated performance of their business critical meetings, supporting their teams to build stronger global collaborations to move forward faster.

If you are looking to accelerate change with a high-impact meeting or communications... Give us a call.

Cambridge, UK

Toronto, CA

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